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The Ten Worst Tarantulas

This table is a rough guide to advise those that are thinking of getting a tarantula which ones are most bad tempered. The worst are at the top of the table. The further down the table you go the less difficult, skittish or aggressive they are likely to be. All of these tarantulas listed on this page are for the experts only!


Common & Scientific Name



Rangoon Mustard
Chilobrachys sericeus
This is the most aggressive tarantula I ever owned. I consider this to be the Pit Bull of tarantulas. It would frequently throw itself against the side of its tank when it detected my presence and made a very distinct hissing noise (hence I gave it the name of Hissing Sid). Should most definitely NOT be handled. Not for the beginner!


Goliath Bird Eater
(Giant Tarantula)

Theraphosa blondi
This is considered an aggressive tarantula and it is rather large (up to 12" leg span) it also requires specialist knowledge and high humidity. Should not be handled!


East African Horned Baboon
Ceratogyrus darlingi
Described as an aggressive fairly evil tempered spider that is very fast moving and tenacious. Should not be handled!


South American Horned
Spaerobothria hoffmanni
DON'T Handle this tarantula as it is very aggressive.


Costa Rican Sun Tiger Abdomen
Metriopelma zebratta
This is a very fast moving and aggressive spider. Do not handle!


Lesser Thailand Black
Haplopelma minax
This is an aggressive and very fast spider. I have kept one of these for a few years and found it extremely skittish and bad tempered.
Should not be handled!


Haitian Brown
Phormictopus cancerides
Described as a very angry spider! Do not handle!


Cobalt Blue
Haplopelma lividus
My own specimen of this tarantula (Lightning) is very fast, not exactly aggressive, but I have more that a little respect for her. Not for the faint hearted as it can be a bit of an escapologist.


Campina Grande Salmon Pink Bird Eater
Lasiodora parahybanai
Described as a large aggressive spider with strong leanings towards escapology.


Thailand Black
Haplopelma albostriatus
This is an aggressive spider that the natives catch for food. Even as spiderlings they show aggressive tendencies. Do not handle!

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Last Updated: 04 April 2007