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To be or not to be!
(a member of an arachnid society....)

by Martin Overton

Most of us in this hobby are members of an Arachnid Society, such as the ATS or BTS, but what are the benefits of belonging to a society such as these. This article was written to explore the pros and cons so that those new to this fascinating hobby can understand why they really should join.

1. Part of a group of like-minded individuals:

This is the main reason most of us joined a society, as our hobby is still relatively new when compared to what most people would call normal pet related hobbies (cats, dogs, birds, etc.)

It allows us to pool our resources, compare notes, and maintain sexing, breeding and research groups.

2. Experts just a call away:

We all need help from time to time, yes the internet has made it easier to find our arachnophiles, and everyone's got advice to offer, and by and large most of the advice on offer is relatively good. BUT, many of the experts are not on the internet, wouldn't use a computer if we paid them to and therefore their contact details are usually only available to other society members.

3. The Journals:

Funds of information, from simple observations to papers on new species. The society journals have something for everyone interested in this hobby. A great place to share your thoughts and findings or just to debate over previous articles.

4. Giving something back to the hobby:

Many societies have breeding programs to help alleviate the threat to the native stock. Many offer libraries, sexing services, etc. By offering an article to your societies journal, whether it be a simple observation or a full technical article, you are helping to raise the level of our understanding of these fascinating creatures.

Some members go further by doing talks and presentations to schools, youth groups or indeed anyone that is willing to listen.

This helps to dispel the myths and half-truths and just maybe this information will be passed on to others and like a rolling stone, the momentum will gather......

Well I'm sure there are more reasons than those I've listed, but this is enough to start that stone rolling.

As usual if you have any feedback or additional information that you feel is missing, then please drop me a line at the usual address. Thanks!

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