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The Ten Most Venomous Snakes

This table is a guide to the Worlds most venomous snakes. The worst are at the top of the table. All of the snakes listed on this page are for the experts only! This information was supplied by  Steve Irwin. All of these snakes can be found in Australia.


Common & Scientific Name



Fierce Snake
Oxyuranus microlepidotus
Also known as the Inland Taipan.
Distribution : Central Australia
Habitat : Dry Plains And Grasslands
Food : Frogs , Small Mammals
Breeding : Egg-Laying
Appearance : Brown Or Olive Colors , Black Markings On The Head Or Uniformly Black Head
The venom injected in a single bite from this snake is sufficient to kill 100 adult humans. Up to 2m (6ft)


Common Brown
Pseudechis australis
Also known as the  King Brown Snake.
Distribution : Whole Australia
Habitat : Forests To Deserts
Food : Frogs , Small Mammals
Breeding : Live-Bearing
Appearance : Dark Reddish To Brown Colors , The Colors Become Paler On The Sides And Undersides
Size: Up to 2m (6ft)


Oxyuranus scutellatus
Distribution : NE And Extreme North Australia , New Guinea
Habitat : Forests , Open Woodlands
Food : Small Mammals
Breeding : Egg-Laying
Appearance : Lightly Keeled Scales , Light Or Dark Brown Fading To A Paler Shade On The Sides And Underside . Head Is Usually Lighter In Colour
Size: Up to 6 ft (2 m) long, closely related to the Fierce Snake.


Eastern Tiger
Notechis scutatus
Size : To 1.2M
Distribution : Australia : The Eastern Side Of Australia
Habitat : Forests , Open Grasslands
Food : Frogs
Breeding : Live-Bearing , Usually 30 At Onetime
Appearance : It Can Be Olive Or Even Reddish And Usually Has A Series Of Lighter Crossbands , It Flattens Its Neck When It Is Angry


Riesvie Tiger Snake Size : To 2M
Distribution : Australia
Habitat : Forests , Open Grasslands
Food : Small Mammals , Birds
Breeding : Live-Bearing


Beaked Sea Snake Size : To 2M
Distribution : NE Australia
Habitat : A Marine Species
Food : Fish , Eels
Breeding : Egg
Appearance : Wide Head , Some Species With Bands


Western Tiger Snake Size : To 2M
Distribution : Australia
Habitat : Forests , Open Grasslands
Food : Small Mammals , Birds
Breeding : Live-Bearing


Giant Black Tiger Snake
Notechis ater
Size : To 1.2M
Distribution : Australia : Tasmania , Islands In The Bass Strait
Habitat : Rocky Places , Dunes , Beaches , Tussock Grass
Food : Small Mammals , Frogs , Seabird Chicks
Breeding : Live-Bearing
Appearance : Large Body , Usually Black Sometimes Has Traces Of Lighter Crossbands , When Alarmed It May Spread Its Neck 


Death Adder
Acanthopis antarcticus
Size : To 40-50cm
Distribution : Most Of Australia Except Central Desert Region
Habitat : Dry , Rocky , Or Scrubby Places
Food : Small Mammals , Birds And Reptiles , It Uses The Tip Of Its Tail To Lure The Prey To Within Striking Distance
Breeding : Live-Bearing
Appearance : Broad , Triangular Head , Short Tail , Colors Grey To Brown Or Red , It Has A Number Of Irregular Crossbands Over The Body


Western Brown Snake
Pseudechis nuchalis
Size : To 1.5M
Distribution : Most Of Australia Except Extreme SW And Se
Habitat : From Forests To Grasslands , Gravelly Plains And Deserts
Food : Small Mammals And Reptiles
Breeding : Egg-Laying
Appearance : Narrow Black Head And Black Neck Or Many Narrow Dark Crossbars , Colors Light Brown To Black Or May Have A Series Of Lighter Bands Around The Body 

I've received the following information:

"The information you have is not correct. Steve is basing his statements on an old article by Broad, et al in Toxicon. The article was not intended to be a ranking but rather just a representation of some of the Australian venoms (with a couple of  non-Australian venoms thrown in for measure). While the top three land snakes are Australian, non-Australian snakes come in heavily in the top ten and twenty."

Here's a link to a scientific page that lists the potency of venom of venomous snakes by LD50 ratings, by envenomation method. Australian Venom & Toxin Database.

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