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Marinelli, the Man Snake

The Strand Magazine (July-December 1897)

Here is an very unusual article from the Strand magazine that is over 100 years old! (It actually looks like a hardback book).

Here he is -"Marinelli, the Man Snake," and premier contortionist of the world. The extraordinary performance of this "reptile" is a veritable nightmare -- a suggestion of Mr. H. G. Wells's wildest flight of scientific extravagance.

The monster rears aloft his awful head, emitting horrible sounds hitherto unknown among the invertebrates; he drags his slow length erratically along the stage, and then suddenly coils himself up, twisting backwards and forwards like a mad thing.

Marinelli was once responsible for a pretty 'bill of damages. He was rehearsing by himself at a great theatre-circus in Frankfort one day, when a troupe of performing animals - elephants and horses chiefly - unexpectedly entered the ring, also for rehearsal purposes.

The moment the animals set eyes on the huge "snake," they stampeded madly, literally bringing down, the house with them.

Fortunately, the only audience consisted of a few porters - and trainers. valuable horses were so injured in the, rush, however, that they had to be shot, and two elephants got out into the streets in a state of the wildest terror.

And all this because the Human Python's silken and tinselled skin looked so dreadfully, natural, to say nothing about his terrifying convolutions.

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