Anyone for Lunch?

.o0 Today's Menu 0o.

~ Starter ~
Deep Fried Locusts
Australian Beetle Grubs (Witchetty Grubs)

~ Main Course ~
Flame Grilled Edible Tarantula Kebabs
Deep Fried Scorpion
Roast Golden Orb Spider

~ Dessert ~
Chocolate Dipped Honey-Pot Ants

This menu may seem weird and likely to only be eaten by someone "one sandwich short of a picnic", but all of these are eaten in various places in the World, see below for more details:

The following tarantulas are known to be eaten by the natives in their home continents:

  • Theraphosa blondi (Goliath or Giant Tarantula) - South America
  • Haplopelma albostriatus (Thailand Black or Edible Tarantula) - Asia

Both of these spider are caught and then they are roasted over a fire to burn off the hairs. I've been told that tarantula tastes a bit like prawns.

More to follow soon!

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