How a spider makes a web

Here's an example showing how atypical orb-weaver such as Araneus diadematus (Common Garden Spider) creates it's web.

Step 1: The spider releases a strand of silk and allows it to float on the breeze until it anchors itself on another anchor point. Once the initial thread is anchored at the remote end the spider then anchors the local end. The spider will then traverse the initial line and drags a thicker (proper) bridging line to replace or reinforce the original line it floated across to create the initial line.

Step 2: The spider then once more crosses the bridging line this time trailing a loose silk line behind her, one end has already been fixed before she started back across. The loose silk line is then fixed at the other-side and the spider then she descends to the center of the loose line she has just secured to form a V. She now attaches a new silk line and descends to the nearest solid point and attaches it to form a Y shape.

Step 3: Once the Y is secure the spider then lays the radial spokes and sets the boundary lines. She then begins to spin a loose spiral from the center of the web outwards to the desired boundary.

Step 4: Once this is completed, the spider then returns to the center and begins to spin a tighter spiral which begins to fill in the web.

Step 5: Finally, she completes the spiral and then designs a suitable hide at the edge of the web and waits there with a leg on one of the radial spokes until her potential prey stumbles or flies into the trap.

This takes around an hour and a half.

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