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Spiders - How to get rid of them.... Humanely!

by Martin Overton

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I know it's hard to believe but some strange people don't like spiders, even to the point of obsession, this is known as 'arachnophobia'.
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So I suppose that in cases like this it is preferable to us spider lovers 'arachnophiliacs' that the removal of our beloved eight legged friends is as humane as possible.  This should avoid hurting the spider if at all possible!

This means no squashing (squishing), hoovering-up (vacuuming for those in the USA), spraying with insect killer, hair spray or other nasty substances, flushing down the toilet, or down the bath plug hole (poor incy...).

Well there are a number of humane and even kind ways to remove spiders, I have listed the ways known to me below. If anyone has any other ways then please drop me a line with the details.


These usually consist of nothing more than a hollow pyramid attached to a 3 foot pole with it's own sliding base. To trap the spider, ensure that the base plate is open, cover the spider with the hollow pyramid and then slowly and carefully slide the base of the pyramid closed. Once this is done the spider is safely trapped.  To release it simply take the apparatus outside and perform the steps in reverse.

If you don't have one of the above tools, then you can achieve similar results by using a cup or glass and a piece of thin card.


Spiders in your bath? These are usually members of the species Tegenaria and once in the bath tend not to be able to get out. Some clever clogs has come up with a simple spider ladder that you can hang into the bath for the spiders to escape up.


Now, I'm not talking about insecticides or other nasty potions for killing spiders, but sprays that allegedly discouraging spiders from occupying a particular area of your house, or even all of it. These sprays contain natural ingredients, including Chestnut and Cloves.


Some bright spark claims that spiders can be removed by using ultrasonic sound technology. These are the same devices that allegedly discourage mice and rats.

Anyone come across any others? Please drop me a line if you have, or if you have tried any of the above and let me know how successful they were.

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Last Updated: February 19, 2007