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This service is offered as a general guide to common questions on arachnids (tarantulas, scorpion, solifugids, etc.) covering the basics of keeping tarantulas and answering some simple but common questions.

The information posted here does not claim to represent all shades of opinion among the users of a.p.a., the arachnids mailing list or any of the societies.

In particular, it does not include information which, in my estimation, is likely to be of more help to those interested in the spreading of malicious information than to those who wish to be protected from it.

This databaset is an honest attempt to help, its contents can *not* be regarded as being in any sense authoritative, and has no legal standing. The authors accept no responsibility for errors or omissions, or for any ill effects resulting from the use of any information contained in this document.

Not all the views expressed in this database are mine, and those views which *are* mine are not necessarily shared by my employer.

Martin Overton

Copyright Notice
Copyright on all contributions to this FAQ remains with the authors and all rights are reserved. It may, however, be freely distributed and quoted - accurately, and with due credit.

It may not be reproduced for profit or distributed in part or as a whole with any product for which a charge is made, except with the prior permission of the copyright holders. To obtain such permission, please contact the author of the FAQ.

This is a work-in-progress so please report any problems, typos or other errors and omissions to [email protected], many thanks in advance.

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