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Tarantula Defences

Tarantulas defend themselves in different ways, here a tarantula is warning a predator that it means business. The tarantula will either attack or run away. This approach is used as either a last resort or a bluff. The fangs are clear of it's legs. This is the stance preferred by the Old-World tarantulas that are found in Africa and Asia.

(Picture: Honduran Curly Hair - Brachypelma albopilosa)
This is another Old-World tarantula warning a predator. This shows a half-hearted attempt, rather than a serious aggressive posture.

(Picture: Baboon Spider - Pterinochilus species)
The final picture shows the hair-flicking approach to defence preferred by the New-world tarantulas. This includes all the tarantulas found in America, Mexico and surrounding areas. These hairs act as irritants, and have been known to cause temporary blindness in attacking predators. At the very least they cause allergic rashes and can be considered similar to nettle sting rash and pain.

(Picture: Mexican Red Knee -Brachypelma smithi)

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