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Can You Catch Arachnophobia?
How Do You Cure Arachnophobia?

It 's an age old question and I'm sure you'd like an answer, well here goes:

Arachnophobia is, as the name suggests, a phobia (a fear of a specific thing). 

Phobias are irrational fears and not diseases - you can't catch a phobia. 

You are either born with it or you may have a bad experience which makes you frightened of something or you may have been convinced by another person who fears the same thing.

You can overcome these fears with counselling. A counsellor might ask you imagine a spider in the room next door then later ask you imagine it in the same room and then finally (weeks, months even years later, depending on the rate of progress) the counsellor introduces the patient to a real spider. Sometimes the patient is encouraged to touch it. 

There are a number of Arachnophobia courses available, these are usually run by, or in conjunction with a zoo. The most famous one is the 'Friendly Spider Program' run by London Zoo in the UK, which has helped hundreds of people overcome their fear of spiders.

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