From the pages of 'The British Tarantula Society Journal'

Book Review
"Tarantulas In Captivity" by Dr Robert Bustard

Ann Webb

Every now and again something new crops up in tarantula literature. We may, or may not, agree with everything an individual author advocates in his/her literary text but we should always admire the fact that the book was researched, written and finally published. Just as we were settling into complacency with nothing of note coming onto the market in 1997 along comes this wonderful new concept. This is a clever, innovative idea from one of our premiere tarantula breeders. Each species described includes superb colour plates and the text leaves the reader in no doubt of how to care for the individual in captivity. Based on Dr. Bustard's vast experience 'hands-on' in keeping and breeding these tropical arachnids, it builds into a veritable one-book library. The book is available now on a subscription basis and comes out at a rate of 4 x A4 pages per month. The first year is now complete and comes with its onvn binder for the all-in price of 15 (post paid). Dr. Bustard is taking 1998 subscriptions now at a cost of only 18.

Anyone who does not wish to take out a subscription to this book can purchase individual sheets separately (s.a.e. to Dr. Bustard for costing) but quite honestly the book is well worth purchasing and the monthly arrival of pages gives something to look forward to. I loved it. I recommend it without hesitation and I feel sure it will be a source of reference for many vears to come.

"Tarantulas In Captivity" is available from Airlie Brae Productions, Airlie Brae, Alyth, Perthshire, PH11 8AX. You will not be disappointed.

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