From the pages of 'The British Tarantula Society Journal'

Book Review
"The Tarantula"
by William J. Baerg

Peter Kirk

ISBN 0 9524083 09

Price 10 available from:-
Fitzgerald Publishing, P.O. Box 804, London, SE13 5JF.

At long last this truly classic publication is once again available to the public. Many a time I have scoured the shelves of second-hand book shops and stalls at various shows searching for this book, but without success. Now I have in front of me a pristine copy, and for only a tenner!

The Tarantula was first published in 1958, and I believe that it remains one of the most detailed studies on North and Central American tarantulas to date, and is the culmination of many, many years of research into their habitats and behaviour. Included in here are chapters that have not really been covered elsewhere, particularly in the latter part of the book. The book is divided into the following informative chapters; Introduction, Distribution, Seasonal History, Life of the Female Tarantula, Life of the Male, The Mating Act, Natural Enemies of Tarantulas, Self Defense, In Quest of Tarantulas Elsewhere, How Poisonous Are Tarantulas?, Some Laboratory Studies of the Poison and Of What Use are Tarantulas? The book is also enhanced throughout with both photographs and illustrations.

The text is detailed, highly readable and written in such a way that all will be able to understand. Despite it's original publication date there have been few books of it's kind that really compare. The book itself has been superbly produced and looks great with its gold-embossed cover.

I thoroughly recommend this book for all members, from the most inexperienced novice to the "seasoned pro" - everyone can expect to gain something from reading it.

Copyright 'The British Tarantula Society', 1998

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