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How can I control it?

Well, if you are trying to get your arachnophobia under control you are walking down the right path. If just reading about spiders makes your heart pound, then that is the right place to start.

When your heart is ready, try looking at pictures - start with one that are so close up that all you can see are the beautiful body patterns, but not the whole spider - or so far away that it feels safe - a small spider on a big web. Have you got that far - get some plastic spiders.

Don't push yourself - keep them in their bag for a while, take them out when you are ready.

Next step is to be in a building where you know there are live spiders. When that feels comfortable be in the same room with them, when that feels comfortable go and see the real thing. Does the thought of that make your heart pound? If it does the focus in on it and think of being calm and at ease. Learn what if feels like to relax and untense yourself - then you can work on knowing that you are in control of - not your fears - but how you react to those fears.

You have started working on your fears just be recognising that they are for "no particular reason." Almost all of us have such fears - but most of us are lucky enough that whatever it is we are afraid of we don't have to face very often.

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